Friday, 13 October 2017

Building Reflection


We’re having something of a building/renovation boom going on in town. Now it seems they are not only planning to build high, but also going down under water!

Winking smile (Just kidding!)

Weekend Reflections


  1. It does look like they are going under water! Nice shot.

  2. Ha ha!!! Well, this is a really artistic photo. It is really amazing! It almost looks like one very tall building! This makes me think of a new term: Construction Art.

  3. Great picture, Dawn. Love the depth of the reflection. xo Diana

  4. Great scaffold building here and the bend makes it so more interesting. Good shot.

  5. That is outstanding....what a neat reflection!!! Love it.

  6. Superb reflection!
    It's a shame that you can't link photos. I wonder if anyone else has that problem and what causes it?

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments :)
    And James - I seem to have worked my way around my problem with LinkyTools now, even if it includes an extra step for me: I need to first put the image I want to use in a gadget in the footer or sidebar of my own blog. But I have inserted a space in the linking-list in the footer of my blog for such temporary images now, so I hope that will work out.

  8. I wish that we had a few more still days like that on Lewis now the midgeless autumn days are here.


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