Saturday, 14 October 2017

Postcards for the Weekend

Making things simple for myself with the “Anything You Wish” theme this week… All of these cards dropped in this past week; and quite by chance, they all also happen to share at least two other themes: art/illustrations, and animals!

170926-171009 from Ginny 1722

These lovely deer came running on Monday
(from Ginny in the US, Virginia)

171010 RU-5995148

On Tuesday, this Night Watch owl came flying in from Russia
(postcrossing) … (please note the watch – so funny!)

171010 US-4915370

… in the company of a cute swimming seal sea otter from California

Scotch Moorland

These highland cattle came wandering my way on Thursday
(vintage card sent by John in England) …

171007-171013 from Jarina 0062

… followed by a bunch of rabbits and a mouse seeking shelter from the rain on Friday
(from Jarina in the Netherlands)

All in all, my mailbox was rather happy this week! Smile

(Thanks to everyone who contributed!)

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Postcards for the Weekend 57: Anything You Wish


  1. I love them ALL! Of course I like mine BUT, I love the owl, and the otter looks embroidered! But I suppose it is just a picture of an embroidery. The mountains are such a pretty pastel. And the rabbits and mice look like Beatrix Potter!

  2. These are lovely. And each one so different from the other. Is that really a hand-made card of the otter?

    1. Violet, it is a photo postcard of an hand-sewn piece of art. (Don't know the original size of it. Printed text on the back says: "Sewing mends the soul. (hand-sewn postcards and photographs by 'Jinn'Bug)"

  3. Beautiful cards! And like the others here, I think your seal is an otter ;-)

  4. These postcards are all so cute!! They made me smile. Thanks so much for sharing Monica! Have a nice week ahead.

  5. Also my mouth turns into a broad smile. seeing these wonderful postcards!
    The Owl, the Otter and the Cows are definitely my favourites! Fortunately neither you nor I have to choose :-)

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments on the postcards. And as some of you have pointed out, the 'seal' is probably an otter! But I suppose it must be a Californian sea otter then... What made me think 'seal' is probably the fact that it's holding a starfish in the image (and an otter to me is a smaller freshwater animal with a more weasel-like face).

  7. It's lovely to be able to see cards from all over the place on various blogs without having to join Post Crossing! Mind you I send a lot of cards anyway - just not in an organised fashion.


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