Saturday, 21 October 2017

Postcards for the Weekend – Lighthouses


Postcrossing card from South Africa, received in September 2015 (ZA-82884)
Cape Agulhas Lighthouse at the southernmost tip of Africa was built in 1849, in the style of the Pharos Lighthouse of Ancient Egypt.

Postcards for the Weekend

Postcards for the Weekend 57: Lighthouses

(PS. For the same theme last year I shared a postcard of 16 lighthouses along the coast of the Netherlands, which you can see here.)


  1. Hello Monica, this is such an interesting postcard sharing other points of interest for that place aside from the tower itself. It's cool how there's a postbox included on it :D

  2. my favorite part of the card is the red mail box... somehow I don't think of Africa with lighthouses, but with all that shore line I am sure there are many. just not what Africa, the word makes me think of

  3. As with Sandra, I don't immediately think of lighthouses when I think of Africa. Which is silly, really.
    It looks a little odd, sticking up from the centre of the keeper's house.

  4. There were lighthouses in ancient Egypt? In the time of the Pharaohs? I have read and watched a lot about ancient Egypt and never heard of this! And this is the style they were...are there any ruins left? I must Google this! Phil thinks it would be the Mediterranean Sea. Were there a lot?

  5. I like the shape of the lighthouse and the accompanying house. And the mailbox or course immediately attracts the eyes of us, mail lovers :-)

  6. Not lighthouses in Africa? That idea made me smile. I don't think there is any coastal country in the world without lighthouses, nowadays. Well, just in Morocco we have about twenty lighthouses...

    1. Forgot to say that I love the postcard in general, but especially that red mailbox!


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