Sunday, 15 October 2017

Inspired Sunday – Brandstorp Church


Another church from our trip around Lake Vättern at the end of July.

The Church at Brandstorp is a wooden church, built between 1694-1698. (Before that, there was a smaller wooden chapel in the same place.) The shape of the church is that of a Greek cross, with four “arms”. On the outside, the walls are covered with woodchips and painted red. It has been through a number of renovations over the centuries. In the late 19th century, it is said to have been “modernised” and painted yellow; but in the 20th century, again restored to its original colours.


Like some of the other churches we saw in this area, it has a separate bell-tower; added in 1708.



The churchyard is surrounded by a rather unique kind of timbered fence/wall.



There was a church service going on inside when we arrived, but we could hear that they were close to the end of it, so we waited outside until people were coming out… Then we went inside to have a look. The ceiling was painted in 1748 (by a painter named Johan Kinnerus, from Jönköping).






InSPIREd Sunday


  1. ...this a style church that I've never seen before. It's lovely inside and out.

  2. This church is amazing. I don't think there is anything like it at all in this country. I love this roof, and the upward curve on the edges. The building actually looks new! The red is so brilliant and beautiful! The fence/wall...I have not seen anything like it, either. What is the purpose of the sections? Is anything ever put inside there? And then inside is gorgeous, even the ceiling! I am glad this church actually has services and a membership, instead of being just for show.

  3. at first look I thought that is an odd shape for a church, then I saw that it is a cross and that made sense. I like the red...

  4. Lovely looking church which hides the beauty inside

  5. This interior defies the simplicity of design that I usually think of in Sweden!

  6. Not seen one like it before, either. That fence is indeed very unusual, it looks like a row of very small stalls. What is the explanation for it? (I am sure you have one!)

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm afraid I haven't found any explanation for the fence, only the comment on one or two websites that it is unique or at least one of very few of its kind left.

  8. I had a distinct feeling of déjà vu. Then I realised I must have read it on Feedly. The interior is astonishing.


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