Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Indoors Wednesday

Another kind of winter silhouette (compared to my previous post). The bird is a decoration stuck into one of my pot plants. Rain has been hitting my windows hard all day today, and is washing away the snow and ice outdoors.  I haven’t set foot outside. Tomorrow I’ll have to, though, as I have a dental checkup to go to. But at least the streets should be ice-free by then!

Through My Lens


  1. I love this! Hope everything will be melted for your appointment.

  2. makes a really pretty photo with the rain drops, hope it is safe out for you to morrow.

  3. Art in any form is still art! God speed on your dental checkup! Teeth are important!

  4. It is a pretty silhouette, no matter the weather behind it.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! Pretty much all the snow and ice was washed away by the heavy rainstorm on Wednesday. The storm had passed and the streets were ice-free on Thursday - allowing me to walk into town. And the dental appointment went well. It was just a scheduled checkup, and no unpleasant extra surprises. :)


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