Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A New Year (2018)


A bunch of white tulips that my friends brought on New Year’s Eve 

Once again I celebrated New Year’s Eve with the same friends as usual. Three of us were neighbours for many years back in the 1900s and into this century. One of them usually has her sister visiting for New Year; and in later years, the other friend’s mum has been with us, too. The three of us who used to be neighbours have probably spent most New Years together ever since the late 1980s (although sometimes in the past with more people as well). Since NY 2000/01 it’s been the 4-5 of us, and (for various practical reasons) at my place. (It’s a joint venture though, as they bring some of the food etc too.)


A cup of “glögg” for starters when they arrive has become part of the tradition. (Mulled wine; but low/no alcohol.)

Ah, that table looks so tidy at the beginning of the evening…
Different story towards midnight…! Winking smile

NY collage

Another tradition: Opening “Kinder Eggs” while waiting for the midnight fireworks…

We also always watch a film. Usually from my collection, but this year it was one of the others who brought one. A bit of an extra surprise for all of us - including her who brought it! - as it turned out to be in French… It did have Swedish subtexts, though; so we coped! Intouchables, a multi-award-winning film from 2011. (The story of the friendship between a wealthy quadriplegic and his live-in caregiver – with a criminal background, and reluctant to take the job at all to begin with… Based on a true story, according to the end titles.)


Looking in through the window from my balcony, after midnight (guests gone home)… The little lights on the amaryllis plant are reflections of the lights outside!


We had snow again for New Year (but all gone again now)

As usual, I felt kind of “blurry” all of New Year’s Day, and spent most of that day resting and doing “nothing” (oh well, tidying up a bit after the party too). And while doing nothing, I reflected on a book I read over Christmas – on the importance of rest! Written by a Swedish pastor (Tomas Sjödin), popular and well known in Sweden (from TV and radio as well as his books) but I don’t think his books have been translated into English. Anyway, in this one he looks at various ideas of the sabbath, and one of the things he makes a point of is that in the Biblical story of creation (never mind if you interpret it literally or symbolically), God created man on the sixth day, and then rested on the seventh. Which means that for us humans, a state of rest (Garden of Eden) was the beginning rather than the end – and maybe indicating that we might do well sometimes to “put rest first”, so to speak…

And from that perspective, I suppose that beginning a new year with a lazy day may be just the thing, really! Winking smile

Anyway, however your new year began, I hope it continues well for you! (“God fortsättning” - good continuation - we wish each other in Sweden, in the first days of the new year.)

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  1. Sounds like a great way to greet the New Year!

  2. You were neighbours already in the 1900s? ;-) That is a looong friendship :-)
    As for the film, it was very poular in Germany when it came out a few years ago, and although I never saw the film, I read some articles and interviews with the real people behind the story.

  3. Not a whole century, obviously! but since 1986. (One moved in 2004 and I in 2008, the third is still living in the same building where we all lived back then.)

  4. It's good to have traditions and to share them with friends. We watched a movie and had a couple of drinks.

  5. Yes, God tells us we need an entire day of rest during the week. I am not quite so picky about making it on a Sunday, just as long as there IS a day. I love those shelves on your wall! And your beautiful candle holder. So did you like the movie? How lovely to celebrate with a group of friends like this, with all the history you have together.

    1. Ginny, I think we all liked the movie well enough. As for that book about rest/sabbath that I read, the author does not put emphasis on Sunday either. His thoughts go more along the line that in our modern society, we have to re-define and set our own limits (as society no longer does that for us; with everyone working different hours, shops open 24/7, and constant flow of communication, news, info, entertainment etc)

  6. Happy 2018, dear Dawntreader!
    Looks like a very fine way to welcome the New Year :)
    Me too, I try to have tulips on the table around Xmas & New Year.
    They are like a glance of hope for the returning brightness in spring,
    in the darkest time of the year ( I miss the light so much, resisting the winter darkness getting is harder from year to year).
    Best wishes to you!
    mo jour

    1. Wish you a happy new year, too, Mo. And the remember, the darkest days of the year-cycle are already behind us again... :)

  7. I agree 100 percent that rest is so important, and it is needed every single day not just on one day. getting enough sleep is so important to our health. the view from your balcony is just gorgeous. i love it and also the view looking out at your white lights. your home looks lovely and so warm and cozy. i have watched a few movies with subtitles but it took the enjoyment out of it for me.

    1. Sandra, in Sweden we are very much used to subtitles as we always get the original soundtracks in English/American or other languages with Swedish subtitles. The only programs/films that get dubbed with Swedish voices are those for young children.

  8. I love those beautiful white tulips. Beautiful for a new year.

  9. What a nice way to welcome the new year. I spend New Years Eve with friends of longstanding for the last fifteen + years and it's a lovely tradition. Love postcards, too!


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