Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Weather the Weather


A "whether to weather the weather" kind of day here today… 


My compromise: A short slushy walk, and being thankful for the possibility to shop groceries online (with home delivery tomorrow)…


  1. We'll weather it, but boy I'll moan first.

  2. Groceries on line is great!!! Does it cost extra? Probably, but it's well worth it to prevent injuries. I have heard that Amazon will start delivering them with drones.

  3. Yesterday, we had everything from rain to sleet and snow to sunshine - all brought along by very strong winds with storm-like gales. I was at a customer's where I had 2 1/2 hours between two meetings and went out for a walk in my padded, hooded winter coat; bracing the elements was refreshing :-)

  4. Pretty much the same here on Lewis.


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