Saturday, 30 June 2018

Happy 397th


Yes, another reminder of how the years keep rolling on… Yesterday Borås traditionally celebrated its 397th birthday with free birthday cake for those who happened to be able to meet up in the park at noon. (We keep practising for the big 400 in a few years!)

It was a lovely day for it this year – sun shining from a perfect blue sky (not a single cloud in sight), and yet not to warm either, but around +20 C and a pleasant fresh breeze. (I wish to order this weather for a holiday trip later in July, please! Does anyone know a booking site for that??)




Now what kind of strange bird is this? ▼


▲ Answer: A fake bird of pray trying to scare off guests not welcome at the party – like seagulls and jackdaws…



Even more water lilies in bloom now… (cf previous post)



But hey, there’s also something else floating about in the river just now…



Seems we’ve suddenly got our very own “Nessie”! According to the local newspaper, it’s supposed to be a rainbow-coloured unicorn. (Since when do unicorns have wings – and swim??) It’s here for the Pride Festival that is also taking place this weekend. (To be honest, it was already looking a bit deflated yesterday, compared to when I first saw it a couple of days earlier… Photos below taken with my mobile phone then.)



  1. OH WOW on the water lilies. awesome. if we could invent a weather app to order what we want we could be rich in a few days... happy birthday to your country.

  2. Add 10-12 degrees and you have the temperature we had today! It was very warm in my east-facing kitchen already at 7 this morning, but altogether it was a really beautiful summer's day, not humid, just warm and sunny.
    The birthday celebration of your town is something I enjoy reading about every year, and I think I remember the cake one year having been with strawberries.
    Clever way to discourage seagulls etc.!


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