Sunday, 1 July 2018

What Is Art?

On my first visit to the 2018 International Sculpture Biennial exhibition A Grin Without a Cat at the Borås Art Museum, I somehow managed to miss this huge … thing … on display outside:


Be honest: When seeing this, would your first thought be: “What a great piece of art!” ??

2018-06-30 Tempo2


Now tell me what you think:
Is this Art? Rubbish? History worth preserving? Comparable to a piece of the Berlin Wall?

(What they intend to do with it after the art exhibition is over, I don’t know.)


Weekend Postcard

180618-180625 from John

Postcard from John in England, June 2018

“There was the Cat  again, sitting on the branch of a tree.”
The gilded roundel of the Cheshire Cat featured on the back cover of the original edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, first published by Macmillan & Co Ltd in 1865.


  1. my first thought before I read the post, was it looks like they were demolishing a building and left some it stacked and ready for pickup. which made sense that it is part of somethey they tore down. It is a piece to make us think, and that is what art is supposed to do, so I am thinking, yes it is art

    1. I like your answer, Sandra - "a piece to make us think". (Obviously it made me think as well, or I wouldn't have posted about it at all!)

  2. Interesting and in the right setting it would be better. Bit of history, but not sure what artistic merit it has.

    1. Janet, I suppose "the right setting" was the facade of the building for which it was originally made... ;)

  3. It does look like art to me---and placed somewhere as a sculptural piece in the right setting I think it would look ok...xo Diana

    1. Diana, I'm having some difficulties thinking of a (long-term) "right setting" for it in the state it is now... But maybe the people responsible for such things in our city will figure it out. :)

  4. History? Yes. Art? I think I'm in the 'No' camp. Preserve it? Definitely.

    1. Interesting point of view, Graham. Now if only we had a huge Museum of Concrete Architecture...


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