Monday 2 December 2019

A Touch of White Magic

Today I went out for a walk around 11 am, to post some Christmas cards that have a long way to travel. Alas, the nearest letter box to where I live gets emptied as early as 9 am nowadays. (And guess who is never up that early in the winter?) So, as the weather was not too unpleasant, I decided to walk to the main post office - where the boxes are emptied later. The camera asked to come along, and we took a shortcut path that runs along the railway...

Long train coming...

Decided to walk a different way back home, just because after a very grey and dull month of November, almost anything looks interesting again now - with touch of frost or snow added to it.

 The old regiment buildings (nowadays housing businesses and apartments).

 I'm going to be a Christmas tree when I grow up...

My summer "Butterfly park" - now without butterflies...

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  1. How lovely everything is. The word"frigid" comes to mind. I especially love the cheerful yellow mailboxes. Our mailboxes here are NOT pretty, nor are they well kept up.

  2. by the time I was half way through I had picked 4 or 5 favorites. these are really beautiful. I am so glad you took your camera on your walk... they are gorgeous, I lean towards the photos with the houses in them.. I love each and every one

  3. You are right, almost anything looks beautiful with a bit of snowy magic sprinkled on it!
    When I was looking at the pictures, even before reading what you had written underneath, I thought, oh, that looks like Monica's butterfly park :-)

  4. Whatever one thinks about cold a frost mornings from the practical point of view the effects of frost on plants etc produces exquisite beauty.

  5. beautiful posting from the snow. The mailbox if it still works! Gorgeous !!!!
    I love such scenes!
    greetings Elke


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