Thursday, 5 December 2019

December 5 - Thursday

More from Kulla Gunnarstorp Castle (near Helsingborg, Skåne).

My posts for 2nd and 3rd December from this place caused so many questions that I decided I'd better show you the rest of my photos from there as well. Not all that many, as this was just a short stop way made along the way, on our road trip back in July. 

The old castle from the 16th century is not open for tourists to go inside; but one is allowed to go into the park and look at it from the outside. It is situated on a large estate, where there are other buildings as well. On the same estate there is also a 'new' castle from the 19th century, but that is in a private part of the park.

We parked near this building - "P" to the right on the map below. What you see sticking up behind the gateway in the photo above is the gable of the old castle; which on the map is the pink building with wings in the middle. It is surrounded by a moat, although that is not really made clear from the map.

Map borrowed from the castle's website.

 Gateway leading to the park - photo from my post Dec 2

Approaching the old castle from the side. Here you can see the moat, which perhaps wasn't really obvious in yesterday's photo:

The front of the castle, with bridge over the moat
- photo used in my post from Dec 3

The courtyard at the back of the building.

View across the moat from the castle. When we were there, I thought that perhaps that pink house was the new castle/palace/manor house. But having done more research afterwards, I know now that the new castle is a much bigger red building with towers (to the left on the map). I'm still a bit puzzled that we did not even see the top of it sticking up from where we were... But maybe it's on lower ground and thus hidden by the trees. 

There is a photo of the 'new' castle here (Wikipedia).


  1. This looks like a fascinating place with a lot to explore! Good to know one can at least walk around in the park, if not enter the buildings.

    1. I think only part of the park was open for visitors (around the old castle). If the owners are living in the new castle I suppose they probably don't want tourists right on their private doorstep... :)

  2. These are good pictures of the moat and little bridge. And it is not dried up, either! Is the moat totally enclosed, or does it come from a water source? The castle is unusual, it looks more like some of those big English estates.

    1. Ginny, I'm not sure about the moat, as we did not try to explore the park further than just around the old castle. I agree it looks like an old English manor house. In Swedish the word "slott" can/could mean either castle, palace or fancy manor house (belonging to members of the aristocracy even if not royal). A building also built for defense purposes can also be called "borg". This one is called both "slott" and "borg"; and the moat supports that it was indeed also intended to serve as a stronghold if needed. - Before we visited, I had not seen any pictures, so I was surprised too. (I had expected the old castle to perhaps just be a ruin.)


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