Friday, 6 December 2019

December 6 - Friday

Pottery at Höganäs, Skåne, Sweden

Höganäs is known for its ceramics industry, Höganäs Keramik. From visits to Höganäs in the past (decades ago), I remembered the town as full of potteries and shops where you could buy locally made things. I knew that the main industrial production had been moved abroad, but I still hoped to find some smaller potteries in business. As it turned out, we now had trouble finding even one! But finally found this place. I did not need a huge garden pot, though. But I bought one of those plant supports with ceramic head. And I also liked the fence shaped like coloured pencils :)

The plant support I bought in Höganäs is still keeping my geranium company... I took in the geranium from the balcony when nights started getting frosty. My plan was to cut it back when the last flowers had withered. The plant seems to have read my thoughts, though. So just dropped a lot of leaves, but kept on flowering!


  1. The pencil fence is awesome, I have never seen anything like it!

  2. I love the pencil fence!
    Like your geranium, my azalea is flowering and flowering and flowering - her twigs are scraggy and there are not many leaves on them, but the pink flowers are as beautiful and abundant as if it were spring, and that has been going on for months now.

  3. the first thing I noticed was that pencil fence. love it! your plant is amazing that it is still blooming....

  4. Thanks. I cropped this image to put more focus on that fence :)


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