Wednesday, 4 December 2019

December 4 - Wednesday

Kulla Gunnarstorp Castle, Skåne, Sweden


  1. Somehow having a hole right through your castle seems rather a waste of space. It would have been easier to build a path round it!😂

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    2. (I should refrain from trying to answer comments from my tablet or phone)

      No, Graham - when there is a moat around the castle the entrance gateway makes sense! (There is a courtyard on the other side, and two "wings")

      The old castle is from around 1560. It's on private property and you can't inside the castle, but the park around it is open for visitors. On the same estate there is also a newer 19th century castle/palace (which we didn't see) and some other buildings. (My impression was that the old castle probably is not done up inside. The exterior looks a bit spooky as well!)

  2. it does look a little spooky, I like the info about the mote. did not realize that is a mote until I read your comment

  3. I find that my two posts from Kulla Gunnarstorp raised so many questions that I'd better do a third post about the place tomorrow... :)


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