Friday, 16 October 2020

Autumn Blues for Skywatch Friday

Photos from a walk on Thursday afternoon this week.




SkyWatch Friday


  1. The blue flowers are gorgeous! Surprising they are blooming in the fall now.

  2. The delphiniums or monkshood are splendid but out much later than here. The geraniums (is it wild or from a garden because it looks like Rozanne but will probably not be if it's in a park) are still flowering here but are on their last legs.

  3. Graham, I did not know the name of either, so thanks for that info :). The ones in the last photo grow in a flowerbed in the same park as the big tree in the first photo (the flowerbeds are in another part of the park way back in the background behind the tree). These blue ones were the only flowers there still in bloom among a lot of withered ones of various other kind. The monkshood are from another park down by the river which partly has a "wilder" touch. (I know the name monkshood from Harry Potter! but don't think I ever knew what they actually look like, so very interesting to learn that...)


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