Friday, 24 December 2021

A White Christmas

It's not very often that we get a true "White Christmas" here in south-west Sweden, but this year we did. As you might remember, we also had quite a lot of snow during the first part of December this year (also unusual); but then it went away. The last couple of days it's been snowing a bit again, though; and today, on the morning of Christmas Eve, I woke up (not too early...) to these views, and temperatures well below zero (freezing point):

A bit later, I put on multiple layers of clothes and went out for a walk.  Across the old cemetery nearby, down to the riverside for a bit, and then back up to the cemetery again. I think I was probably out for about an hour. Didn't really bother to keep track of time, as I knew I had the day to myself; with no appointments to keep except a Skype chat with my brother in the late afternoon.


The Sound of Snow


All in all, I had a very relaxing Christmas Eve (the main day of Christmas celebrations here in Sweden). To all of you around the world who may still be waiting for Father Christmas or Santa Claus or Whoever to come and deliver presents in your stockings or under your tree or whatever is your tradition, I wish you 

And if it is not white,
I hope it will at least be bright!


  1. What lovely live in a beautiful environment. I hope you go for walks and take photos often! Have a Merry Christmas. Mine will also be quiet, with a few family phone calls.

  2. It's like a Christmas eve gift. It is all so beautiful, especially with the intense blue sky.

  3. What beautiful photos - and just what we need to give us Christmas cheer.
    Happy Christmas to you - although I know you, like the rest of mainland Europe, celebrated last night.
    I'm out later with friends for a typical English Christmas lunch. I think we're all a little worried about the latest Covid variant but we have to show our proof of vaccination certificate before we're allowed into the hotel.

  4. your photos are gorgeous. the cold and bright light makes every thing sharp and clear and beautiful. it has been since 1959 since I heard the crunch crunch of snow under my feet. the camera picked it up really well. Merry Christmas

  5. What a wonderful day you had, Monica - a picture book Christmas! The photo with the sun visible through the trees is my favourite here, definitely Christmas card-worthy.
    Our Christmas Eve was not white, but certainly bright!


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