Saturday, 4 December 2021

More Snowy Adventures

We're still trapped in a cold spell of early winter here, and it seems likely to last a while.

From Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning, quite a lot more snow fell, this time also combined with strong winds. On Wednesday I could just stay in, but I had a dilemma: Considering the snow situation, when to try and book my booster covid19 jab? ... as I'd have to get myself across town for that ...

I found a time slot for Thursday afternoon though, and kept my fingers crossed that by then main walkways would be ploughed and city buses running more or less on schedule...

Turned out the town's snow clearing efforts had not really stretched to pedestrian crossings and bus stop platforms yet... But I managed. (I had on boots with studded soles, and had also brought one of my Nordic walking poles, which was helpful in tricky places.)

Above is what it looked like at the bus platform at the travel centre, where city buses pass frequently and stop to let passengers on and off...

The bus was on time, though, and there was no queue at the Arena (vacc. centre) so I was allowed straight in when I arrived... Had to sit the 15 minutes in the waiting room after (and was careful to do so as I was given a different vaccine this time). But I still managed to catch an earlier bus back than I had counted on. (In spite of having to wade through unploughed snow to get to the bus stop.) From the travel centre I walked back home again.

The annoying electric scooters parked all over town are not likely to make it any easier for the service people to clear away the snow...

Walking straight towards the sunset on my way home...

I was pretty exhausted when I got home, but glad to have it over and done with. The only side-effect from the jab has been a bit of soreness around the injection spot.  Well - I also did feel kind of stiff all over when getting out of bed the next morning... but I think that was probably more to do with all the snow-walking than with the injection!!


  1. i am so stiff when I get up each morning I would not notice if it caused that or not. so glad you got it and got home before night fall and that you were able to grab this photo of the sunset. its beautiful.. yay for no waiting for your booster. since the pandemic began, any time we get out of the house and do something like this, it is an adventure, isn't it

    1. Sandra, I'm glad to have it over and done with, for now - hoping that at least the effect of this 3rd jab will last through the winter season...

  2. That was a bit of an adventure! Glad you got there and back without slipping or falling in the snow. Yes, us few who walk on foot instead of driving everywhere are often not at all considered when it comes to clearing streets, setting up fences around construction sites and so on. I often wonder how people get by who have a pram with them, use a rollator or sit in a wheelchair.
    I like the picture with the e-scooters!

    1. Meike, yes, evidently this early massive snowfall took everyone by surprise, and one of the results is very poorly cleared pavements and walkways. I'd say that for anyone to get anywhere in a wheelchair by themselves here just now must be impossible. I also don't think there are many places where you'd have been able to cross a street with a rollator this week. I've seen some parents with prams braving it, though.

  3. I think you must have much more excellent balance than I do. Is this your third shot, the booster? Likely not many people were there because of the weather. And what a reward you got for venturing out o your way home! Beautiful sky, even with the snow!

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  5. Lovely sunset, but it looks a chilly day!
    I'm glad that your booster went according to your plans. You were fortunate that thanks to the weather conditions there were no people waiting ahead of you.
    When I went for mine, there was the usual long queue we get in our Health Centre. I had a flu jab too, but noticed that few people waited 15 minutes afterwards, partly due to a shortage of seats, and no 2m space to distance. I was able to slip out through a side door, down the outside stairs and take a short cut back to my car. I was home by the time I should just have been leaving!

    1. CG, alas I couldn't have my booster together with the flu jab (a few weeks ago) as not enough time had passed then from my 2nd covid jab. There were no queues on any of the occasions when I got my jabs as they were all booked online in advance. I read in the local newspaper that there were queues on some occasions when they tried "drop in", though. It's a tricky balance between making it easy for people on the one hand (for example not all elderly people are able to handle online booking) and avoid queues on the other.


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