Sunday 20 May 2012

Long Weekend Summary

Ascension Day, the fortieth day of Easter, always on a Thursday, is still a holiday in our calendar. The Friday is not, but those who have the possibility often try to get a long weekend out of it. My brother did, and came down for two nights, staying at the House outside town (our parents’ old place). Thursday night he came to me in town towards evening for tea and freshly baked hot scones. The day was chilly and grey, and summer still kind of hard to believe in.

Friday we went shopping for an extra computer screen to connect to my laptop. I hope this will make blogging a little easier again with less strain on the eyes:


I also bought a 2 TB extra hard drive for back-ups!

We went to a restaurant for lunch, and from there on to the House, where the first thing we did was take Harry-the-dog out for a walk:


Beautiful spring greens in nature, but very chilly winds down by the lake, and I did not regret having chosen my winter jacket over my summer one:


But evidently the concrete slabs on the garden path were beginning to soak up some warmth from the sun – at least enough for the one of us dressed in fur:


When we drove back into town in the late afternoon, with a little detour to watch the progress of spring in the surrounding countryside, there was hardly a cloud left in the sky:



Saturday was Spring Market Day in the town centre.


Actually the market goes on for two days but on Friday I forgot about it; and as the restaurant we went to was not where the market was, we never noticed!

Sometimes things just go on over your head…


Saturday morning however I was reminded of the market at breakfast when reading the newspaper, and decided to walk into town to have a look around. Actually found some things I needed – like new summer socks.


I did not buy any of the ones with toes, though ;)



Today, Sunday, as unlikely as it seemed only a couple of days ago, we suddenly went from spring to summer.

I had not really intended to grow a lot of things on my balcony this summer. But with the sunshine and warmer temperature also came an itch in my green thumbs this morning. So the thumbs got the legs to agree to a walk to a garden centre – in spite of having to climb these stairs (a steep walkbridge over the railway tracks) - not only once, but twice!


As a result, I now have a little garden:



So the faithful clematis (to the right) got company not only by some new wood strawberry plants (replacing old ones that did not survive the winter) but also two small tomato plants (cocktail and cherry) and one Physalis (Cape gooseberries – in the black pot). Never had one of the latter before so that will be interesting.

(My brother deserves a thanks here as well because he also helped me get some soil home on Friday, or I wouldn’t have been able to plant anything today!)


  1. What a sweet little garden you have, but those steps might as well be Mt. Everest to me! It is good you are able to climb them! Is this store with the legs new? Is all they sell socks and stockings? I have never seen such a storefront before! Your brother's dog is so cute!!!

    1. Ginny, it's a market stall, not a permanent store! "Here today, gone tomorrow", literally.

  2. Your weekend sounds lovely, and I am glad you seem to have fully recovered from your bout of flu/cough/other stuff to hold you down.
    Love the picture with the legs above the market stall!
    The little garden corner on your balcony will, I am sure, bring you much joy, and I hope you'll let us know about the plants' progress.

    1. Thanks Meike. No doubt there will be more photos of my miniature garden ;)

  3. what a happy post, i love the walking path, the rolling dog, the winding drive, the socks on feet, and a garden. God bless your brother. you will have hours and days of beauty because of his help. great post

  4. What an enjoyable post that was. I love seeing and hearing about the things that make up your life and the place in which you live.

  5. How comfortably Harry is taking a nap! This photo makes me smile and feel happy.
    The socks with toes are popular in Japan. How about in your country? Legs' decorations of the shop are amazing!!
    Have a great week!


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