Thursday, 3 May 2012



You may think it’s Thursday, but to me it’s been Toothday.  I had a visit from the Evil Tooth Fairy last night - the kind that takes your tooth AND your money!

So first thing in the morning I got on the phone to my dentist’s office; only to be told by their answering machine that the whole gang of them were away for education, and won’t be back until Monday.

Somehow that feels typical, although I suppose if I had kept proper statistics over my tooth emergencies over the years, I’m sure I’d find that my dentist has been available more often than not. In fact I’ve had the same dentist for well over 20 years, and I think it has only happened once before during that period that I had to seek help from a different dental practice.

Today however, they were referring emergencies to another dentist/number; and since four days seemed too long to just wait and worry, I took the plunge.

Luckily they were able to fit me in already at 8:40 am, so no complaints about the service. I took a taxi and got there in time. It was an old crown that had got broken off – together with a piece of the original tooth it was attached to. Luckily it was one that already had a root-filling, so no pain. He gave the rugged remains a bit of a polish and put a temporary protective filling on top. So at least now there’s a smooth surface and no sharp edges to cut my tongue on. This will hopefully keep until I can discuss the more permanent solution with my regular dentist.

There will be no steak for dinner over the weekend. 

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“The folklore states that when a child loses a baby tooth, if he or she places it beneath the bed pillow, the tooth fairy will visit while the child sleeps, replacing the lost tooth with a small payment.” Wikipedia

I can’t really recall any stories about the tooth fairy in my childhood, but I think I did get coins when I lost my baby teeth.  - What about you?


  1. So sorry about this! And yes, when things like this happen, it always seems like it's on the weekend, a holiday, or when the doctor is not in. I hope it holds till you get to your own dentist! I am so old that I don't remember, but I think I got coins. Now the kids are getting one and five dollar bills!!! Well, with inflation and all...

  2. Yes, we got money for our early teeth - I think it was sixpence (six old pence which was equivalent to two and half new pence which will buy you... absolutelky nothing at all nowadays!)

    Glad your tooth was sorted but if the bill was anything like Jo's recent bills you'll need to take out a bank loan to cover it!

  3. my brother and i got nickles or quarters for ours. but my parents never said anything about the tooth fairy, they just said leave it under the pillow and see what you get. i think, that was a LOOOOG time ago. so sorry you had to lose tooth and money, hope you don't have to lose more money

  4. We use to get a dime (10cents) for a tooth taken by the tooth fairy. By the time our daughter came along it was a $1.00.


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