Thursday, 6 June 2013

6th June/National Day of Sweden


The National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag) is a national holiday observed in Sweden on the 6th of June. Prior to 1983, the day was celebrated as Swedish flag day (Svenska flaggans dag).


The photos in this post are from today’s celebrations in our town park. We had the best possible weather for such outdoor festivities, except that there were such sharp contrasts between light and shadow that is was hard to get good pictures. (In my editing here I sort of chose the “if you can’t fix it, use it” approach...)








The Swedish National Anthem
”Du gamla, du fria’”– “Thou ancient, thou free…'’


  1. It looks like a great celebration, and happy National Day of Sweden to you. The weather sure cooperated.

  2. Picture 4 is my favorite today, I have always LOVED your flag! We have flag day here, but it goes unnoticed except for a few flags hanging on porches, never any parades or days off.

  3. Good to see the sun shone. It's the time of year for harsh shadows. It makes such days enjoyable instead of an endurance test.

  4. The costumes are so pretty! What is the song (if it is a song) the children's choir are performing? It looks like they are all shouting something.

    Looking forward to our horsemarket parade on Sunday, I will take lots of pictures and inundate my blog with them :-)

  5. It seems the day was meant for festivities, you certainly couldn't have asked for better. Looks like a lovely celebration.

  6. the photos look great to me and we can see how much fun everyone was having... i am listening to the song while i type... he has a beautiful voice..when the first photo came up with the ladies in long dresses, i thought how thankful I am that I don't have to wear those dresses in this heat... they would be fun for a parade or show but not for living in...

  7. Looks like a fun-filled day with nice sunny weather to really enjoy the festivities.
    I loved the national costumes and the parade of flags too.
    The park is beautiful with all the spring flowers....really nice.

  8. I think celebrating in that fashion is something to be enjoyed and encouraged. Celebrations seem few and far between here in the UK. Or it just me not noticing?


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