Sunday, June 23, 2013

Macro Monday


I don’t know/don’t remember the name of these blue flowers. They grow in a flowerbed in a park. I took the photo on one of my walks “in between rain showers” this Midsummer weekend.

Macro Monday 2


  1. they look like fairy flowers.. so beautiful..

  2. It looks like what we call a Cranesbill Geranium. So pretty with the raindrops on it.

  3. These are beautiful, let us know if you find out what they are! They look a bit like Sandra's King's Mantle, but no yellow center. They also look like Primrose, very much so. All our Primrose that I have seen are pink. But if there are blue ones, then THAT is what these are!!!

  4. They are pretty, but I can't help you with the name there, although I have seen these often. My Mum would know!

  5. I think JennyFreckles is right - Geraniums (totally different to the indoor ones, of course). Therere about 400 different species of cranesbill with many varieties within some species so I'd not like to try to guess which one.

  6. Thanks Jenny and Scriptor, I think you are right. It reminded me of one of our wildflowers which we call Midsommarblomster (midsummer bloom) - looked it up now and in Latin that's called Geranium sylvaticum, and in English Wood Cranesbill. The ones in the park (somewhat bigger I think) must be one of the other 399... I had no idea there were so many ;)

  7. Nydelige Storkenebb med vanndråper!
    Jeg gleder meg til står i min hage!


  8. De är vackra prydda med regndroppar.

  9. Whatever they are ...they are beautiful! Hope that the rain will stop and the sun will shine all summer long!

  10. Thank you for your contribution to Macro Monday 2. You are one of the many special people who make this meme a success. Hope to see you again next week!

    Magical Mystical Teacher

    Bicycle Seat Close-Up

    1. I have follwed Dawn Treader for years but gosh - I've never actually looked at your meme before. You have a tremendous number of posters. I don't think I dare get involved but I wish you continued success.

  11. They are beautiful decked out with rain!

  12. The rain is the perfect touch, as if they have dressed up for the occasion!

  13. Sorry I have been missing as I have had a big move and heaps to do around here.
    Your flowers look like Hibiscus. I had one of these in my garden in Sydney.


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