Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Graduations and Celebrations


We’re still enjoying beautiful summer weather here.


Today was graduation day for lots of Swedish students.
One of the senior high school graduation traditions is that all the graduates go riding around town on lorry platforms. Often the sides of the truck are covered with signs painted by the students. This one indicated that they made it through their exams with the help of… Well, you can probably find a couple of familiar words in the picture. [Google, Wikipedia] I suppose they are all future Bloggers! :)


Celebrations go on all day (and night) – and it seems some started very early in the morning (unless it was last night), and that there is one thing they did not learn neither in school nor at home: to clean up after themselves:

(Town Park at 11.00 am)

Found a YouTube clip with the traditional graduation song.
It has very idealistic lyrics, all about bright hopes for the future.

Tomorrow, 6th June, is Sweden’s National Day and a public holiday.

(Photo from Wikimedia)


  1. Gosh, I think my favorite is that flower arrangement bush in the first picture. The kids are graduating here, too! Most hold big parties and it is so hard to figure out what to give them. So they kind of have their own parade there. Is this done all at the same time, or each school individually?

    1. I think each school individually or maybe some of them cooperate. There are a lot of private schools here now besides the municipal ones. These trucks and 2-3 more were parked near a private school. The graduates had not come out yet but relatives and friends were gathering. I did not stay to watch the graduates come out and drive off as I did not know when they were supposed to.

  2. It's lovely they get to celebrate their graduation day - but it is a shame that they don't think it is important to clear up after themselves.
    Looks like summer has arrived here now, too, although I rather tend to call it spring. We've had two days of sunshine and temps in the 20s, and today should be even nicer. I went for a long walk after work yesterday, and will be out again after work today. Thankfully, there is daylight until 9.30 pm or longer now!

    1. I take it you have not had any serious flooding in your town or you would probably have blogged about it...? We've seen a lot of newsclips from very wet places in Germany and Eastern Europe on TV lately while enjoying the sun here.

    2. Thank you for asking, Monica, but we are too far from the river to get any flooding. The Neckar is "our" river down in the valley, but years ago, measure were taken to avoid flooding; no houses are built close enough to it to be flooded.

  3. That's a nice graduation tradition driving around on the lorries to celebrate....I like that.
    Most youngsters these days are not very keen on tidying up after themselves. Even if there was one of them in the group that wanted to do so, the others would have laughed at them.
    I enjoyed the video clip as well.
    Enjoy your holiday whatever you do.

    1. Virginia, seems there is the same sad tendency all around the world then, with young people and littering. Or maybe it was always the same, we just have more and more things to throw about!

  4. Students celebrating just don't seem to do clearing up as a friend staying with me a few weeks ago pointed out after he'd been down to the beach below the house here and found it littered with all sorts of things from eggs and flower to clothes.

  5. Love the idea of a graduation song. Itis nice to see them all gathering together and singing. I like the idea of communal singing so much, it links people together. Enjoy national day!

  6. Oh, and love your new header picture, very summery!

  7. i like your traditions and glad you shared them. it is hard to believe the mess left behind when looking at all those bright, shining happy faces in the video...


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