Saturday, 8 June 2013

More Celebrations: Royal Wedding


Today, Sweden’s Princess Madeleine (younger sister of our Crown Princess Victoria) married American financier Chris O’Neill.

The ceremony was held in the Royal Castle church in the centre of Stockholm.



The wedding dress created by Italian designer Valentino Garavani


Crown Princess Victoria with daughter Estelle,
Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf.




It was a perfect day for a fairy-tale wedding. After a ride in horse-drawn open carriage through town, the newly-wed couple as well as their invited guests went on by boat to… 


… Drottningholm palace (also in Stockholm, residence of our present King and Queen, and where the Princess grew up) where the private wedding party will still be going on as I write this.


You’ll no doubt be able to find more info and better quality photos by a simple Google search, if you’re interested… These, obviously, I just snapped off my TV screen!

Chris O’Neill has dual British-American citizenship but lives in New York. Princess Madeleine also works in New York, for the World Childhood Foundation. The princess will still be a princess after the wedding, but her husband will not be a prince but will remain Mr O’Neill (unlike brother-in-law Daniel who did become a prince when he married crown princess Victoria three years ago. Here are links to my blog posts about that back then:


  1. Wow, your T.V. shots are amazing, I never guessed! She is very pretty, and I love the gown, but the train is a bit long. Wonder if there is some rule that says royals have a train rule...the higher up you are the longer your train much be.

  2. Yes it is a fairy tale wedding, I love how her dress is demur and princess worthy. Were you invited to the reception (smile).

  3. Lovely photos. Congratulations to all of you. xoxo

  4. When my Grandma was still alive, and blind for the last 11 years of her life, she loved me reading magazines to her with stories about the Royal families all over Europe. The Swedish Royals were always particularly interesting to her, since Queen Silvia is originally from Heidelberg which is only an hour's drive from us. My Grandma never tired of telling me how beautiful she was at her wedding!

  5. i love cinderella and i love weddings that make me think of her. i would have watched this on TV if i knew it was on. I watch any/all royal weddings and of course we have no royals here, but they make me happy when i see them... she is a beautiful bride, i love her bracelet and that train is gorgeous...

  6. I love fairy tale weddings, and I always wish for happily ever after.


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