Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goldeneye Ducklings


I was happy to notice the other day that the Goldeneye population in the river is increasing :)

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me (my excuse is that this was Wednesday morning after my early morning emergency visit to the dentist’s) but I managed to snap this with my mobile.


  1. you went to the dentist without your camera??? LOL...

    1. Yes. And I did not even take a photo of the tooth crown while it was out of my mouth. What's wrong with me?!

  2. at the Dentist. I've been debating showing my new teeth and smile on my blog...but maybe not!!

    Love your little ducks! Reminds me of my antique children's book "Dora Duck"

  3. Awww, so cute! Maybe when they are older, you can also get a shot of their eyes?

  4. Ducklings are always good for a 'awe'.


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