Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Textile Fashion Center (2)


The first thing that met my eye when I entered the foyer of the new Textile Fashion Center was the sculpture Cloned Frogs on Gala Dress by William Sweetlove.

Those of you who have been following my blog ever since spring 2010 (when the blog was still called The Island of the Voices), will probably remember it… That sculpture was somewhat of a soap opera in our local media (as well as on my blog) for a while back then!

Here are the links:

1. A Dog May Look at a Frog
2. Biting the Grass
3. Frogs Going AWOL
4. Don’t Climb What You Can’t See
5. Sweetlove and Cloning
6. To Give or Not to Give Away
7. Never-Ending Stories
8. Walkabout

I’m not sure if I have posted any more updates on it after that, but between then and now, the sculpture has had its home a/ inside the temporary library (while the main one was being renovated), b/ in the foyer of the town’s Cultural Center (library, art museum and theatre), and c/ (until now) in the machine hall of the Textile Museum.

Enough about that! Let’s go on to the reception desk:



▲I liked this paved ‘street’, creating a connection between outdoors and indoors. There’s also a small stage for various kinds of performances.▼



▲ An exhibition showing the works of graduating students from the Textile College.


▲ The Textile Museum will be moving into these premises too (next year).


▲ Back entrance looking out over the wooden decks I showed more of in my previous post.


▲Going up in the lift/elevator.
▼Looking down from a window on the top floor.


▼Walking down the stairs, looking at the artwork:


▼Looking down from the 1st floor to the cafeteria:


▼ There’s a cosy corner down there too…


▼ And here’s looking down at the foyer from above:


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  1. So much to love here! I adore the cozy corner with the spools and thread running over it. The whole place does look industrial. BOY, do I ever remember the red dress. I think of it even now. And I think of it quite often when I am looking at your posts. It was one of your most funny series ever, the adventures of the dress It was almost surreal, or like a T.V. series..it is truly one of my best blog memories.. that was many years ago when I was just getting to know you

  2. everything there screams ART from those huge beautiful windows and doors to the bright red chairs and that dress i do remember. it is so beautiful... with you photos I feel like i am lookig down on the lobby.. great post

  3. red frogs! that's eye-catching for sure; enjoyed everyone of the photos

    much love...

  4. A great place to explore! I wonder why nobody sat in the very comfy looking armchairs in the cosy corner and in front of the stage. Good to see that the many people you saw queuing at the entrance before going on were well dispersed once inside.
    Don't you just love finding out what you see from the windows when you are inside a building you've not been to before? I always do that, even when I just go to the doctor's, I want to see "where I am" and look out from the waiting room window, usually to find an unfamiliar perspective for a familiar bit of town.

  5. Having re-read all the old posts I was fascinated by a number of things: the fact that I actually remembered some of them (ok others might not be impressed but I do have a very bad memory) and that as I read them my thoughts turned out to be similar to the comments I'd actually made.

    The red frog dress doesn't appeal to me any more now than it did originally but it cannot be denied that it's interesting and that it's caused interest. So I suppose that it really is art.

    As for the museum and your depiction of it I am really impressed by the building. I could see me drinking a lot of coffees there.

  6. Very impressive building.
    I like the reels of thread decorating the window in the cosy corner.
    It's nice that the students have a forum to display and sell their work.
    As for the red frog dress...not so sure how I feel about it since I don't care for frogs that much.

  7. Surprising myself I quite liked the red frog dress, the whole complex looks amazing.

  8. I can believe that the sculpture caused controversy. It would need to be indoors, anyhow, because of the weather, I suppose.
    I love all fashion and textile museums, and I am sure I would like this one.

  9. spännande med klänningen och grodorna. Potentiella prinsar klättrar upp tänker jag... :)

  10. What an interesting place.

  11. Interesting article, love much this scultuur with the red dress gala!, have a nice day.

  12. Thanks to you all for your much appreciated comments. Sorry not to be answering each one individually but time slipped away from me this week!


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