Saturday, 19 October 2013

Weekend Reflections: Textile Fashion Center


Today the Textile College in our town had Open House for the public to see their new premises, in a newly renovated block of old industrial buildings on both sides of the river.


(The Textile Museum will be moving into this complex too, but not until next year.)


When I got to the main entrance just before 11 a.m. the foyer was absolutely crowded with people.


Not being too fond of crowds and queuing, I decided to start with going for a solitary walk around the block outside instead, and check out what they had done to the facades of the old buildings.


One of the buildings has got a unique metal facade, imitating punch-cards used in old textile machines:


Not just any old punch-cards either (according to the local newspaper) but those used to weave our town’s coat of arms (consisting of two sheep shears):


▲ The reflection in this window is of the town’s first railway station (nowadays offices) on the opposite side of the street; an old wooden building, which is another important part of the town’s history.


▲ “Simonsland” is the name of this part of town; in the past housing different kinds of textile industry (weaving, dyeing, sewing etc), and now a place where history will be mixing with the future and reflect the town’s development from industrial town to focusing on fashion design, technology and education.

CIMG7547-001  CIMG7565-001

▲At the back of the complex you can walk along and between the buildings on wooden terraces and bridges. (In the past there was an old covered bridge where there is an open one now.) (And yes, that is my own blurry reflection to the right, looking into one of the windows.)


Inside to the left is the college restaurant.
The outdoor tables remind of old cotton reels. ▼


It turned out I was able to get in to the lobby through a back door, and as the crowd inside had dissolved a bit by then, I went on to explore a bit indoors as well. I’ll save those photos for a separate post. The last one here is from another side of the building which I found when I peeked out through yet another door. ▼


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  1. i really like what they have done with the building, it truly is beautiful.. and as always, your reflections shots are wonderful, including blurry you... i see you have on coat/boots/hat so it must be cold. looks like it was a beautiful day to take the photos. i like the shot of the floating wooded decks and bridges but i would not be walking on them i don't think...

    1. Yes Sandra, yesterday was cold. We had frost in the night and well into the morning. It was a very still day though and a nice day for a walk (if dressed right!) The wooden decks are not floating on the water, they are like balconies, above the water surface. They are perfectly steady to walk on :)

  2. Beautiful architecture...wexcellent photos...All are perfect, but I like the outdoor table the most...Good job...

  3. WOW! I love this and can't wait for the inside pictures! But I agree that both in and out would be a very long post. So many special things here. The cool spool chairs, the punch card building, that is really spectacular!!! Your viewpoint on picture five is wonderful! You have taken a flat fronted building and made it looks lie a wedge! I'm glad to know you are really blurry, everything looks this way to me now.

    1. Sorry that you are still seeing things blurry, Ginny. Hope for you that it will get better soon!

  4. A wonderful the punch card facade of the building.....that was genius to use a replica of the card used to create the town's coat of arms....I am truly impressed.
    I'm sure the textile/fashion design students will excel studying on such lovely premises.

    1. I think it has the potential of becoming an inspiring environment for everyone working there, Virginia.

  5. This was very interesting, Monica, thank you for taking us along! I love it when old buildings get a new lease on life, so to speak, and are not simply demolished. And what a good idea to incorporate the building's history into its looks, such as the punchcard facade and the cotton reel tables. Looking forward to see what you found inside!

    1. I'm very happy about it too, Meike, that they have been able to reuse the old factory buildings and yet create something new at the same time.

  6. Thanks for this discovery ! I loved your pictures...

  7. A very interesting and attractive modernisation of the building. It's good to see what other parts of the town look like too. As for the hew svelte lady in the reflection.......

    1. 'The lady' found it a good opportunity to air some of the latest fashion items from her own wardrobe, GB :)


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