Thursday, 1 May 2014

1st May–Labour Day

2014-04-29 pink magnolia

3oth April in Sweden is when we traditionally welcome spring by lighting fires and singing special spring songs. I did not attend any such celebration this year; for one thing because after 1½ week of sunny summer weather, there were suddenly quite chilly winds blowing again... I was out and about earlier in the day, but did not feel tempted to go out again in the evening.

1st May is Labour Day and a public holiday.

For me, this year, it seemed just to be one of those days when I get nothing done.

But I suppose, as there was nothing exactly that I was supposed to do, it does not really matter…

(The photos are from two days ago. Pink magnolia tree in a little park not too far away from where I live.)


  1. Several years ago, I went home to Sweden to experience a "real" spring. Valborg was part of that as was looking in on the May 1 speeches, groups gatherings, red flags waving of the socialists in Stockholm. It was certainly an unusual sight after living in the U.S. for so long. Your magnolias are very pretty.

  2. Gorgeous pictures :) It's the same over here in Ireland, last week we had some nice and sunny days but now it's back to being cloudy and chillier again. The weather is certainly strange at times.
    Remember those days in Gothenburg at Valborg, watching the parade of the Chalmers students. But this year it was a normal work day for me, just like any other day really.

  3. may one is may day here but we do nothing that i know of. those magnolias are gorgeous.. i do nothing all day every day.... my life is one long holiday...

  4. The pink Magnolia is very beautiful! The magnolia trees around here have long lost their blossoms and are now a pretty fresh green.
    1st of May is a public holiday in Germany, too, and many people have taken today (Friday) off as well - including me :-) So I am getting some things done, mainly in preparation for my being away all of next week for the 2nd part of my course.

  5. What a beautiful tree. No May Day celebrations here and our Labor Day is the first Monday in September.

  6. Monica, you should have come here to the pub and sung along with us. It was warm in the pub.

  7. So pretty! Our magnolias have not started to bloom yet. May day is nothing here!!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. I know Labour day as well as spring celebrations vary quite bit over the earth :)

  9. I remember as a teenager taking cherry blossoms against the blue sky and thinking it was the most beautiful photo I had taken. It was the formative days of affordable colour photography. Your photo reminds me of those feelings.

    1. I still can't resist taking new photos of blossoming trees every year, even though no one could tell if I just used a photo from another year instead...


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