Saturday 31 May 2014

FMTSO: Sculptures

Last weekend was not only the opening of our new Textile Fashion Center, but also of the Borås International Sculpture Biennial 2014.

Of course the quite Literally Biggest attraction this year is the sculpture The House of Knowledge by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, which has been exhibited in lots of different places all around the world, but has now come here to stay; sitting outside the Textile Fashion Center (including the Textile College) …


… and looking across the street towards the rest of our University/College campus:



It’s a truly awesome sculpture. (I know I posted about it last week as well, but I find it worth another look…)


▲ Photos taken from inside the sculpture ▼


Of course the Sculpture Biennial includes many more sculptures and artwork. Some of them belonging to our city already, while others are just ‘visiting’.

In this post I’ll just include one more which is currently also exhibited outside the Textile Fashion Center.

CIMG9657-001 - Copy

Vibration by Xavier Veilhan (born 1963 in Lyon, France)

“Thematically, his works revolve around our memory and our perception. He creates astounding effects by placing familiar objects in environments in which they appear foreign.

The horse and carriage, Vibration, stands out as almost as an illusion in blue. It takes its starting point in Italian futurism, a direction within art in the early 1900s that constantly strove to express movement.”


I’ll be showing you more sculptures and artwork in future posts this summer; both from inside the Textile Fashion Center and from around town.

In the meantime, see more sculptures here:


  1. Monica, I think it's called House of Knowledge. It is almost certainly a reproduction. It's by a chap called Pensa I think.
    It is stunning. I saw it at Chatsworth prior to Southerby's auction. I was drawn back to it time and time again.

  2. i just love it when you show us sculptures, we don't have anything like this here. i love that big one, it is just fantastic, and i did not realize in the other post that it is letters... love the close up shots and the inside view... wavering truly is wavering ....keep showing us what you find

  3. Adrian, it's the real thing. Plensa himself was here for the official unveiling last week and gave a speech. I was there and I blogged about it. It was bought by a foundation + two private entrepreneurs and donated to our city. The price was 15 million SEK i.e. around 1,3 something million £.

    1. Plensa......Thanks Monica, I was close. I thought the original was now in Antibes. When I saw it it was painted white.
      Whatever you are lucky to have it........Fancy solving the anagram? I think Plensa is from Spain. It will be in Catalan or something. You are lucky to have it and by today's prices it is a bargain. It is a superb and moving sculpture.

    2. So did I, Adrian (thought it was in Antibes, I mean). Until I learned back in April that it would be coming here and not just for the festival but to stay.

  4. Amazing statue. Love the design a lot.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE vibration!!!! And I mean LOVE!! If we were rich, I would try to buy it and put it in my yard! It makes me happy. YEAH!!! Sculpture time, my favorite time in Boras!!! I love the shots from inside "The House Of Knowledge"! Is this sculpture representing how much knowledge and how many things we possess in our bodies?

    1. I think there are lots of possible interpretations of this sculpture Ginny, but yes, I'd say your suggestions are good ones.

  6. Vibration is certainly fun. I like it.

    1. Yes I like that one too. Would not mind if the town decided to keep it! :)

  7. This was a great post. I had lots of fun chasing all the links and the information. Thank you very much.

  8. I love 'Vibration', too. The moment I glanced at it it represented movement to me, and I don't usually 'get' what the artist intended. I very much like the Plensa piece, too. By not being solid, it allows the air/ether to pass through which oddly gives it more depth to me - or maybe I just haven't had enough coffee yet, lol.

    1. I think there's room for a lot of "maybe"s in that sculpture, Barb!

  9. I could never see too much of The House of Knowledge, so glad you showed it from so many different angles. I particularly like the shot from inside, there aren't many sculptures you can see from the inside.


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