Monday, May 26, 2014


A few more “random rambling” pictures from the ground floor exhibition hall at the Textile Museum.


(Those things whatever-they-are up in the ceiling were going round and round on a sort of conveyor belt.)


That dress seemed to be made from recycled plastic tubes and packages.


The ground floor exhibition was a lot about “patterns” and how we humans have always seemed to like to create them – from patterns on simple clay vessels back in the stone age, to the complicated digital graphics of today.

Actually the brain likes being exposed to “order of a high complexity” (one of the signs in the exhibition says). Our brains seem to enjoy recognizing and be challenged by patterns.


The two photos below are from a separate exhibition by students graduating from the Textile College.




  1. I've always loved linens, and fabric. The museum is rather strange...but love the patterns, colors and the students who will make Textiles their vocation.

  2. Everything is very pretty. But I wonder about the big tire (maybe used as an ottoman?) and the bed hanging from cords!

  3. This really is a fascinating place, Monica. I can very well imagine myself spending HOURS in there, and I am glad that visitors are allowed to take pictures.

  4. There is such a beautiful mixture of colours and textures. My first thought with the first picture was "What is a big chocolate cake doing there?"

  5. i love the patterns in the photo with the curving steps... and the pink tree with the chairs around it. you always find amazing things for me to love.... wish i could wander in this place to...

  6. I would so love to wander around this textile museum and touch and admire everything....thanks for sharing.


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