Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Whiff of Nostalgia

When I take the bus out to The House (as I did last Sunday), I can choose between two or three different stops where to get off (to walk the rest of the way).


One is close to this dilapidated old kiosk; which hasn’t served as such for decades. It’s really a bit of a mystery why it has been left standing at all. But seeing it brings back some childhood memories.

Whenever we visited my grandparents (living in The House back then), grandma used to give my brother and me some money to go up to the kiosk and buy ourselves some sweets.

 2014-05-04 country road

The narrow dirt road leading towards my goal looks much the same still – even if the houses along it (including ours) have changed appearance since then. Straight down towards the railway… turning left along the deep ditch that separates the road from the rails… and then just a walk path at the end. Somewhere in the hedge is a narrow opening, leading into our back garden.






  1. What an idyllic location.

  2. I could live here. It's wonderful.

  3. I remember your home from past posts, it is a beautiful and sweet country home. What great memories of the kiosk, and now what sadness it must bring you. It looks like it is not beyond saving, but maybe now there are not enough people in this area to bother.

    1. Times change and since many years there is a petrol station nearby with a small shop. No market for a separate kiosk as well.

  4. It's a really pretty place. Love the greens. So calming and real food for the soul.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. How very lovely those memories. What beautiful scenes of green. Sad the building is in such disarray.

  6. It's very serene and pretty...I love it.
    How I wish that I could still find (and partake of) the old time candy that I loved as a child.

  7. I was going to say exactly what Adrian said (but would have added 'provided broadband was available').


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