Friday, 16 May 2014

FMTSO: The Bridges of My Town

As mentioned in last week’s FMTSO (Landscapes), the town of Borås was founded along a river (Viskan). Besides the river, we also have railways and major transit routes running through town, crossing each other at various points - which means lots of bridges.

Most of the photos below were taken last weekend, but I put in a few extra ones taken earlier.


▲ The bridge above has just recently been made a pedestrian bridge; basically leading east from the railway station area, past the old “Red Mill” cinema and the sculpture Bodhi (in the river to the south) … towards the main pedestrian shopping street in the town centre, starting just behind the older sculpture The Pedlar (symbolic of the town because it was originally founded as a market place for pedlars back in the early 1600s) ▼


Standing on that bridge looking north, you see another walkbridge a bit further down … ▼


… and if we move on to stand on that bridge, you see yet another one… ▼


Continuing north, a bit further along there is a railway bridge crossing the river. ▼


Beyond that we find the newly refurbished Textile Fashion Center, in an old industrial complex with buildings on both sides of the water connected by various bridges.




▲Student accomodation – built right across the river ▼



▼ … and right next to a main road bridge …


Further along still, here is another walk-bridge solution, connecting two big shopping mall areas on both sides of a highly trafficated main road. ▼


I’m tired now… Let’s go back into the town centre!

▼ Remember our friend Bodhi?


Across the river from him, we now take the promenade south along the river; offering several possibiliteis to cross over back and forth to the Town Park at convenient distances.







▼ Continuing south means going home… Smile


▲ Motorway bridge ahead…


… we walked under that one … ▲


▲ Possibly the smallest bridge in town… Winking smile over an artificial little brook and pond.



By the next big road bridge we have the newest highrise building in town – also quite close to the next bridge:▼


Crossing over to the west side of the river now and walking away from the water a bit. The last bridge for me to cross before I get home is a footbridge over the railway. ▼


And of course the view from that one includes another… ▼


OK. Have to stop somewhere. That’s enough for now!!!

Friday My Town Shoot Out – Bridges





  1. Every time you show us something from your town I think what a good place to live in it looks. Today, once again there are some pictures there I really like, especially the one with the chestnut tree in full bloom and the trees full of pink blossoms. (I know your topic was bridges and not blossoms, but I still like those best :-) )

    1. It is indeed a beautiful time of year with the trees in blossom, Meike. As for the town in general I've come to appreciate it more the longer I've lived here (28 years now). Apart from the town itself nowadays making more of a 'feature' of the river than it used to, it also made a difference for me when I moved to live on the west side of it some years ago. Before, I rarely had to cross it. Now I cross and/or walk along it almost daily - which has increased my appreciation of the many bridges to choose from :)

  2. t is a fascinating and beautiful town. You have pictured it perfectly.

  3. Nice bridges and awesome sculpture in the water.

  4. Lots of bridges in your town, and I'm sure if you hadn't stopped taking photos, you would have posted many more.
    I just love your town how serene and CLEAN it all looks.
    Loved the Bodhi statue in the water too.

  5. What a lot of bridges! Thanks for the tour. I'm intrigued by your Bodhi, have you told us about him before?

    1. Janet, Bodhi has been there since our first (now biannual) sculpture festival in 2008. I think he has appeared a number of times on my blog(s) since I first started blogging at all (in 2009). The name of the sculptor is Fredrik Wretman (a Swedish artist) and the sculpture was made in his own image. "bodhi" is a concept within Buddhism to do with enlightenment and awakening. The sculpture has its eyes closed and seems to be meditating.

  6. i'm tired from our walk around your beautiful town!!

  7. Those cherry trees are beautiful! I have never seen a single walking bridge around here anywhere! But they are SO charming! I love the little tiny one. My favorites are three, four, and the one with the stone house on the right! Beautiful Friday walks with you!!!

  8. Even after all this time of visiting your blog, I'm still surprised by the beauty of your town. I had no idea there were so many bridges. Thank you for taking this walk and showing so many of them to us. Looks like it was a lovely day, you got so many terrific reflections. I can see that many of them are purely functional (which surely is their purpose) but the setting makes them so much more attractive.

  9. I think that post put so many of your previously shown places into relative positions. Thank you.

  10. What an amazing town you live in. I love bridges. I think I would love your town. You did a great job showing us the bridges. I had a fun tour. Thank you.

  11. Thank you for this beautiful tour, love the bridges. Borås is à beautiful city :)

  12. Wow this was amazing. I particularly like the 4th shot maybe because of the colors. Great job.

  13. I just wanted to let you know that your post has been selected in the spotlights for past week's "Friday My Town Shoot Out".

    You can visit the spotlights here: Spotlights: Bridges

    1. Thanks everyone for your comments, and thanks Mersad for including me in the Spotlight.

  14. Hello,Dawn Treader,
    How lovely to see those bridges in your town. I really enjoyed walking with you! The bridge over the train line is my favorite!!! There is something charming in that area with that bridge!!
    Have a good day. I hope I will see you again!


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