Friday, 9 May 2014

FMTSO: Landscapes of My Town



Borås was founded along a river, the industries making use of the water in various ways; but the landscape on both sides is quite hilly.

It’s not really easy to get a good perspective of that in photos, though. And no matter how I tag my photos on the computer, the tags never seem to match the themes that the FMTSO team come up with! [sigh & smile]


A photo taken some years ago – view looking east/ south east from one of the top floors of the hospital; which is in turn situated on the top of a hill.


Walking down from that hill westwards towards the town center. Keep your eye on the church tower.


Looking back up at the same church from below, still walking downhill towards the town center.


From the west end of the Town Park. The church tower sticks up well above the horizon, and yet the church is really only like half way up the hill… Where did the hill go? One of the mysteries of perspective, I suppose. (I never really thought about that until now!)


View looking south west from a bridge over the railway near the central station.


This lake stretches from the north edge of the town to the village where my parents lived. This view is from the beach nearest to our house (not quite at the furthest end of the lake); looking south-west towards town.

There are several smaller lakes in the vicinity of the town as well. (Sweden is a country of many lakes.)


… And there are woods …


… and farmland …


… and ancient monuments, like stone circles and grave fields dating back to “B.C.” …

Obviously, people found this a good area to settle down in even thousands of years ago.

Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. What a charming town!

  2. A breathtaking place to live.

  3. What a beautiful town you live in!

  4. You have such a beautiful town, I love all the pictures. No favorites today because each one is a part of the whole. I bet you have almost NO crime there, it seems to be an ideal and peaceful place to live.

    1. You're daydreaming, Ginny... I have no statistics to compare, but I'm sure we get our fair (or unfair) share of crime for this part of the world, and a town this size (~100.000 inhabitants). As I prefer the daylight and safe, clean places myself, that's what you get to see on my blog though! ;)

  5. Oh my, those river photos are breath taking. They are my favorite along with the horses, or course.

  6. I like your town more and more each week. The scenes you show today add to my mental image of the place. The lake is bigger than I thought. And the river a more prominent feature. I really like the last shot and the reminder that people have been living in your area for so long.

  7. You live in such a charming town. You did a fantastic job in taking us around your town. My favorite is photo #6 and your question about the hill is an interesting one. If you didn't point out about the fact that the church is only half way up the hill, I would not have thought the hill goes further up.

  8. I love walking around your town with's so pretty and I am looking forward to many more interesting walks.

  9. I very much enjoyed this landscape tour of your town, Monica!
    Whenever I take a picture of a path that leads up- or downhill, I am amazed at how flat it looks like in the picture when I check it out afterwards. Some of the walks I have been showing on my blog lead through rather hilly terrain, but it never really shows in the photos.

  10. not a busy central station. Wonderful landscape.

  11. Perspective plays strange games with our eyes and minds. Oddly when you sent me a map of the town I was struck by the significance of the railway sidings dividing the town (in fact I think we discussed them) and this really emphasises just how big they are.

    1. I don't even remember sending you a map... When it comes to crossings, the railway(s) are certainly a bigger problem than the river, though. While there are plenty of footbridges over the water (the river not being big enough for any boat traffic), there are not so many places to cross the railway.


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