Sunday, 11 May 2014




  1. Ginny, as I don't live in a house with a garden, I admit it's rather unlikely that planting a tree would be the last thing I do in life. But post one on my blog perhaps ;) My interpretation of the quote is really that it's about "letting tomorrow worry about itself" (cf. Matthew 6:34). The world goes to pieces every day (well, somewhere on the globe anyway). What keeps us going is often the ordinary little things.

  2. Quot(e)ography - a new category on your blog?

    I love your apple blossoms - and ... right: the apple tree is not needed to be planted in real, but works as a symbol, an archetype.
    Having a nice cup of coffee and write a new story, that's what my "apple tree" would look like.
    Best wishes to you!

  3. I think it would depend upon what other things I had to do that day. Planting (even metaphorical) apple trees isn't on the top of my agenda at the best of times.

    1. GB: No, you just make plans to buy "polyanna tunnels" in which to grow vegetables and such. Entirely different! ;-)


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