Saturday, 3 March 2018

Postcards for the Weekend: Anything You Wish


Some days bring more surprises than others. Like when the mail lands with a heavy "klonk" on one's doormat and it turns out to be a metallic house-elf (right) apparating from the Czech Republic together with a (postcard) lemur from the Prague Zoo (left)... Even if the sender did not mention it, I bet s/he too must have noted the amusing similarity in facial expression beween the two! 

I made room for the House-Elves sign on the notice board in my study – next to the bookcase where my Harry Potter books live. :)


Later in the week, I received this Moominmamma card from Finland, which is also currantly (pun intended!) “on display” in my study. A thankyou card for a little surprise that I in turn had recently sent to another postcrosser. The red part of the background is embossed, with a velvety feel to it. The image itself makes me think of my own mum, who used to love picking berries, and making her own jam and such. Also a very welcome reminder of summer, in stark contrast to the still very wintry outdoors world here. (Nature seems totally oblivious to the fact that according to the the calendar we have moved on from February to March this week!)

Postcards for the Weekend

Postcards for the Weekend 75: Anything You Wish


  1. I picked the berries, mother made the jelly/jam and I ate most of it.. love the photo in you header. and i could use house elves if they know how to dust furniture...

    1. Sandra, my secret wish is that Dobby (the house-elf) will dust my bookshelves for me at night while I'm sleeping.

  2. the first cards are funny. I think that is a lemur?

  3. Lovely surprises indeed! The Mumin Mama is wonderful, brigthening any room.

    1. She's standing now on top of a chest of drawers next to my computer, so I see her at the corner of my eye while writing... :)

  4. Haha! I can see what you meant about the similar expression on the faces of the lemur and Dobby. The Momminmomma is sooo lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Surprise is the best about mail, isn't it? I would also display the Moominmamma postcard while waiting for the summer to arrive... The colours are so nice!
    By the way, you're right: the similarity on the faces is almost scaring!


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