Sunday, 8 April 2018

A Nice Pot of Tea

180326-180329 from John (1)

GB’s post today reminded me of this envelope I too recently received from John. (Thanks!)

For comparison, here’s a photo of my favourite real-life small teapot...


… and one of the Tea Shelf in my cupboard…


I usually buy my tea loose leaf in various blends with fanciful names, in a special Tea & Coffee shop in town.

As for coffee, I never drink it. Only tea. I never owned a coffee maker/percolator.

I do keep a jar of instant coffee for visitors, though! Winking smile


  1. if i were there i would rather try a cup of your tea. i have not tasted all the different types like you have here. love the tins. i am a coffee addict, but i do drink tea once in a while.

  2. In my ideal world I, too, would drink leaf tea from a pot all the time. In reality it is so much easier to use a tea bag. I have decided, though, to be more environmentally friendly and intend to stop using tea bags for my 'main' tea. When visitors arrive and three different teas and two different coffees are requested I might have problems though.

  3. I too like a nice cup of tea! your tea shelf looks a lot better organised than mine, though!

  4. I love these pretty tins your tea is in!!!

  5. If I came visiting, I'd want to try one of your teas. I do like my coffee but I can go without for a day or two. Usually I drink tea only in winter when I am cold, or when I have an upset stomach (which happens VERY rarely).

  6. I love your teapot collection!

  7. Wish I could have you all over for a tea party! :)


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