Friday, 27 April 2018

Postcards for the Weekend – Patterns & Prints

180419 FI-3223076

Postcrossing card from Finland, April 2018
Pattern by Annina Isokangas, Paapii Design, Finland

GHz 180326 (1)

Card from Ginny in the US, 2018

160404 RU-4556888

Postcrossing card from Russia, 2016

Postcards for the Weekend

Postcards for the weekend 83: Patterns & Prints


  1. I always like seeing your weekend cards. And wish I could find ones as good as the others. But this time, I think mine is my favorite.

    1. You find lots wonderful cards, Ginny - and I love this one! ♥ I did a lot of typing on type-writers in the past, before computers...

  2. ginny finds amazing cards, this one is really good..

  3. Pretty postcards, and a charming windmill on your header. I realised I hadn't seen your blog for a while.

  4. These are all so cute and the first card is so sassy! Thanks for sharing, Monica!


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