Sunday, 22 April 2018

Weekend Reflections – Spring

Spring has sprung, and all the garden workers are busy bringing colour back to the parks around town.




The gulls are keeping themselves busy too – or at least making a show of it…




At home, I haven’t got round to any outdoors planting yet, but I have been adding a bit of green in another way… Painting an old wooden bench in the same green colour as my balcony table (which I painted two years ago). I was happy to find the exact same colour still for sale in the shop where I bought it last time – I had not really counted on that, as colours seem to go in and out of fashion so quickly these days. But I thought it was worth checking – and was rewarded!

We’ve been having a sunny weekend and I was able to give both sides of the bench two coats of paint. They’re threatening with rain tomorrow though, so the third layer may have to wait a bit. The legs I’m working on indoors at the kitchen sink (at more comfortable height).

Weekend Reflections

My Town Shoot Out


  1. your porch will look so pretty, love the color and you know i love those steps for people to sit and look out over the water. your town is spring forth beautifully.. the rain will make it greener.

  2. Your pictures are absolutely vibrant!!! You live in the most beautiful and artistic place.


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