Monday, 16 April 2018

Signs of Spring

The snow is now all gone now around here; and the streets and sidewalks have been swept clean of all the winter grit.  Actually we’ve even had some April days with almost summer temperatures (~18°C). A bit of a shock to the system for both plants and humans (allergies setting in!) – and birds. The rumour must have spread fast down the river to the coast, to the sea gulls… “Hey! Good news! The snow is almost gone now… High time to get started with nesting and laying some eggs!!!”

To me, the arrival of the gulls is the audible of spring around here. One day, out of nowhere, the air is suddenly full of their cries again. And the crows and magpies are in for some serious competition for any scraps of food that barbecuing spring-celebrating humans happen to leave behind outdoors…


So far (because all of March was so cold) not a whole lot of spring flowers to be seen yet; except for crocuses here and there.


But today I also caught sight of the first daffodils (growing from the ground, I mean, and not planted in a pot). The blue flowers are scilla, I think.


Photos taken with my phone camera. The one in the middle from last week, the other two today.

Through My Lens


  1. looks like spring is giving it the good old try with the crocus coming up

  2. In addition to the appearance of daffodils I look for the arrival of robins. When both are here, it's spring even if the weather doesn't agree. - Margy


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