Tuesday 17 April 2018

Button Up

2018-04-17 button trick

The change from winter to spring/summer involves shifting some clothes between my basement storage and wardrobe(s) in the flat. I started taking down some of my wintriest coats and boots last week, and continued with bringing up some summer clothes today (when I had laundry day, involving repeated trips up and down between my flat and the basement anyway).

This one-button jacket seemed to have shrunk somewhat over winter (hm) but I decided to give it another chance by applying this “button trick”. All you need is a spare button of the same kind + a piece of string or something (I used a thin black leather strap, more or less invisible against the pattern). Put the string through the button, adjust the loop to the size you need, and tie a knot at the other end. Then just put the extra button through the button hole in the jacket, and the loop around the original button – and there you are. It keeps the jacket more comfortably together, and the “cheating” is not too obvious unless you take a very close look…



  1. thanks for this, a super duper idea to add a little size. this could work on jeans if we were wearing the top out over them

    1. I guess it could, yes. My jeans buttons aren't of the kind with holes in them, though. But if it's not going to show, it doesn't really matter if you use a different button, as long as it's the right size.

      It's also possible, by the way, put the extra button through the button hole the other way round. I tried that with another tight jacket which has more than one button. Still only needed one "hidden" button to keep it together - leaving the other buttons unbuttoned. One great thing about this "trick" is that it does not involve any actual change to the jacket itself.

  2. Gosh. It's a very long time since I saw that trick in action.

    1. Well, it's not really meant to be seen, is it... ;)


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