Tuesday, 13 April 2021

April Weather

When in Sweden we talk of "April weather", this is what we mean. It's also what we've been having, since Easter; and why I haven't been out and about much with my camera lately. One moment, the sun may be shining; but by the time I've put my coat and shoes on and gone down the stairs, there's another sudden rain/snow/hail-storm going on outside... (Photo above taken through my window last Friday; but it's pretty much been like that ever since. Brr!)

A week earlier (Good Friday) there were some lovey crocuses to be seen in sunny places. This past weekend, they were wishing they'd stayed in hibernation for a while longer...

Our World Tuesday



  1. Oh my, beautiful flowers ans snow. That makes for a dramatic first shot.

  2. Very similar here, Monica. The German saying "April, April, der macht was er will" is so true!

  3. The first photo is awesome to look at and said because of the ice behind the flowers


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