Saturday, 17 April 2021

Weekend Reflections: "We Knit For Peace"

The weather has turned a little more spring-like again, and today I found myself itching to "do something", as in finding some sort of goal for my daily walk besides just walking... I still don't want to take any unnecessary risks, though, as I'm still waiting for vaccine, and the virus is still in a "third wave" around here...

From the back of my mind, something popped up that I had read about earlier in the winter. When not able to welcome visitors as usual, our Textile Museum decided to put one of its exhibitions on display in the windows of some abandoned shops downtown. I never happened to pass by any of those during my sparse winter walks into town, though - usually just focused on a few necessary errands. But today I did not have any errands, I just wanted to be out for a while... So I made note of the addresses from the museum's website, and went in search of them. (I only found three out of five, but never mind.)

The exhibition is entitled "We knit for peace" and I think it was the result of a project where they asked people to contribute works on this theme. There is also a circus theme involved.

While today was a good day for a walk, it probably wasn't really the best day for taking photos of things in display windows. On the other hand - you know I'm fascinated by reflections as well... So never mind...

Not easy to keep myself out of the picture, either... ;)

Do you knit? I used to do it back in the mid 1970s into the early 1980s - it was really popular back then. I even had some male friends who used to knit back then. Whether they still do, I don't know! Myself, I have not kept it up. When I started getting problems with neck/shoulder/arm pain, it no longer felt like a "peaceful" hobby...


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  1. I love it, and am so glad you stopped there! I think mt favorite is the peace symbol with the hands. Would you call those "wrist warmers"? When I was a teenager, I knit a nose warmer with a tassel on the end! Purely my own invention, and so silly! But I wanted a laugh. Haven't knit since then. Is it very hard to get the vaccine there? How much of the population has gotten it in Boras?

    1. Ginny, yes, I'd call those "wrist warmers". I think a majority (something like 83%) of those over 80 have got the vaccine now, and they just recently opened up booking for people 70+.

  2. Some interesting and unusual artwork there, and never mind the reflections. I have never learned to knit, in spite of both my mum and my sister being hobby knitters. I did some crocheting when I was younger but that‘s about it. Now with my bad eyesight I won‘t even attempt to sew a lose button back on if I can avoid it :-)

    1. Meike, I never got the hang of crocheting (it always ended up crooked). I also clearly did not inherit my mum's talent for knitting, sewing and embroidery. I can manage some occasional basic fixing or mending, but nothing advanced.

  3. no knitting for me, but i share your love of refelctions and this day was perfect for that and awesome photos. the gloves are my favorite but they are all my favorite today. big wow moments and I like for you to be in the reflections. i love reflections of reflections and so on.


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