Friday, 2 April 2021

Good Friday


Good Friday came with Good Weather - blue sky, and "spring in the air". 

I decided I wanted to go for walk somewhere a little bit different from where I usually go, so at the railway station (above) I crossed the road bridge over the tracks, and on the other side turned left, to get to the little lake near our museum park. (The museum buildings are  up on the hill across the lake - hidden by trees in the photo below).

Originally, I had in mind to perhaps walk around the lake - but when I got there, I decided against it, because of.. 

... the incredible amount of spring tree pollen in the air right now... (I'm allergic...)

So, I decided that just continuing along the side of the lake where I already was, would probably give me more than enough of that stuff to inhale...

.... but would still provide an opportunity to snap some views with the camera...


Zooming in the playground on the other side of the lake, and the seagulls swimming in the water. Flocks of gulls always come here (inland), from the coast, along the river, this time of year. They can be a nuisance sometimes; but to me, they're also a sure sign of spring.

 I've reached the southern end of the lake now.

Instead of rounding the lake, I took another way back home. More photos in another post.


  1. That's the nice thing about Spring and getting outside, you get some lighter and brighter shots of the local scenery.

    1. Amy, a blue sky definitely improves most views! :)

  2. The first photo is my favorite. Strangely, as I always like nature the best. But there is just something about the blue bus and pretty little green awnings.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful lakeside walk with us, Monica! I hope your allergic reaction was not too bad. O.K. suffers, too, but like you, he still goes out and tries to make the most of what beautiful spring weather we get.
    It is much colder here again after the first half of the week‘s early summer temperatures. We are tokd to even expect some snow next week!

    1. Meike, I had taken my allergy medicines, and was only out for about an hour, so I was okay, thanks.

  4. all the views are gorgeous, my favorite 2 pics the one with the blue bus and the one of the playground. I showed these pics to Bob and said what country do you think these are in, he said smalltown America. it always amazes me how similar places are in all countrys around the world. usually i can tell by the archtecture what side of the globe they are on


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