Monday, 25 April 2011

Macro Monday: Cherry Blossom Time




From weather point of view we had an amazing Easter weekend with summer temperatures and all of nature suddenly bursting out in colour all at once. I don’t quite know where to start so why not with the very latest. On a walk this afternoon I passed this little park with half a dozen or more cherry blossom trees all at their most intense. I know the place from before and I decided I had probably better go and have a look today. I’m glad I did!

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  1. Good thing you knew where to go, it is beautiful!

  2. Oh, the impatience within me is unbearable - Vermont seems to be taking so very long to blossom. But, I have a feeling that when it does, it'll be wa-bang, just like that :)

    These are beautiful ♥

  3. Gorgeous blossoms! Thanks for sharing. Happy Macro Monday

  4. we don't have cherry blossoms here in Florida, but we do have trees that look like this but all the blooms are bright yellow or red. and bray park has about 100 of the yellow, they are Poinciana trees. these are beautiful

  5. Gorgeous cherry took the pictures at just the right time for wonderful lighting. Lovely photograph.


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