Monday, 11 April 2011

Water and Sun


From this week I’m back to routines – two mornings a week in the (indoors, heated) rehab pool. I’ve been on a break/waiting list since Christmas. Having the break during the cold winter months had two sides to it (I could have used the exercise, but on the other hand I didn’t have to wonder on every snowy morning whether to venture out or to cancel). Just now it feels good to start again at a time when one no longer needs to dress like the Michelin man to go out.

We’ve enjoyed three days of sunny spring weather. Today I spent the morning (okay, 45 minutes of the morning) in warm water; and part of the afternoon in my sun lounger on the balcony.

Later on in the summer, there will be days when it gets too hot to sit there in the sun. But in the spring, and in the autumn, it is a blessing to be able to catch the first and the last sunny days.

Today as I sat there I watched (and listened to) gulls soaring high above against a clear blue sky, and occasionally landing on the roofs nearby. They are a sign of spring, since I live an hour’s drive or so from the coast, but only a short walk from the river… The sound of the gulls means spring/summer to me. They give me a summer holiday feeling. Sitting in the sun, and listening to the gulls… if I close my eyes I could just as well be by the sea.

Not much use trying to catch gulls with my camera… I tried yesterday down at the river but they escaped me. The mallards were a bit more cooperative!


  1. I love the pretty look of your blog, the background is a new pattern, isn't it? Where is this pool, at what place? A local rahab? I used to go in a heated therapy pool, till I pulled too many things and needed surgery, seems like there is no therapy that works for me! I agree about the hot weather in summer, I much prefer spring and fall!

  2. the gulls are screeching loudly here also, we are 7 miles from the gulf but that is nothing to them. glad you got back in the pool, that should help you a lot. happy happy outside spring time

  3. Glad that spring is finally coming to you. Seeing gulls here is a little different. we're about 8 miles from the coast and when we see gulls it means a storm and and so they've moved inland.

  4. I don't think there is anywhere in the UK that is gull free and I've seen gulls in many unexpected places in New Zealand too. But when one thinks about it nowhere in either country is as far from the sea as many parts of the US and even then gulls are often on large inland water stretches.


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