Monday, 4 April 2011

Walk A Mile In My Shoe


“Three quarters of the miseries and misunderstandings in the world would finish if people were to put on the shoes of their adversaries and understood their points of view”
~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

PS: It’s not actually my shoe. I saw it “back stage” at the fashion show in the town square (see yesterday’s post); and no Cinderella in sight… Maybe it filled some purpose, but to me it is not obvious what that might have been! 


  1. oh my, the photos is really good, and nothing but an old boot. the purpose was for you to find this shot. love it Monica.

  2. I think f we were to know the burdens some of our friends carry secretly, we would be shocked, so we need to be kind to everyone, we never know what they are going through. This is a wonderful picture and represents this thought so well.

  3. I like the photo a lot...and agree so much with the quote.

  4. Oh, so many stories that shoe could tell! Love the foggy photos in your previous post too.

  5. you captured my attention with the photograph.

  6. Understanding someone else's misery or point of view is one thing. Then one has to have the will to act on that understanding. So often that is lacking. Of course there is always the point of view which says that there is no right or wrong, only a point of view.


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