Sunday, 10 April 2011




The sun came out of the clouds on Friday afternoon and in spite of still very chilly winds, it finally felt like spring. In the town square, besides bunches of twigs decorated with colourful feathers (common decorations for Lent and Easter here), they were selling pansies… I bought four plants for my balcony box.

Saturday was even sunnier, and what’s more, the wind changed direction… Which meant that for the first time this year, I could spend a whole afternoon out on the balcony. I got my plastic rugs and sun lounger up from the storage room, and after arranging things, I just sat (comfortably leaned back) for about 2½ hours (listening to a book in my mp3-player)… I could hardly believe it. Protected from the wind I didn’t even need my winter jacket, just a thin jeans-jacket (and sunglasses and a hat!). Mind you, that was because the wind direction happened to be in my favour for once… (it usually isn’t). Going for a walk I still need the winter jacket; and next week is likely to be rainy again. But I’m thankful for this day.

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  1. What a fabulous day you had!!! Wish I could have sat there with you. Sitting is one thing I do very well! I remember your Easter feathers!! Such a beautiful picture!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Spring day... what a lovely way to spend time...

  3. so happy you could spend time on your balcony. love the flowers.

  4. Hi!
    Our day started out cloudy and rainy but the sun popped out and it was a perfect spring day. Lovely pictures. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. I had your Sunday on my Monday! Great wasn't it?


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