Sunday, 3 April 2011

SOOC Sunday: Fog and Fashion


This straight-out-of-the-camera photo should give you an idea of the oppressive fog that was hovering over the town yesterday…

I made an effort to get myself out of my own fog and down town to watch a fashion show that was set up in the town square. It was hard to get in a good position to take photos, and my camera is also really not the best for this kind of thing. So I didn’t get a whole lot of shots worth showing – especially not without editing. But here are a few that I hope will give you an idea. (Two or three have been cropped a little but otherwise no editing.)

The clothes are from the local shops and the models were all local amateurs doing this for the chance to be a fashion model for a day.



Notice the bare feet… brrr…



There were littl’uns too!


Back stage

… … …

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  1. I was impressed with the models. They seem to stay focused and enjoy their action. Walking barefoot? In the midst of the cold weather?. Incredible!. Although the models were still an amateur, but their style quite nice. But that's all because you are a genius photographer !.

  2. i can see the fog and see the cold because of the watchers all bundled up in coats and scarves, so i am thinking those models were COLD to say the least. as i have said many times, you do live in The Most Interesting town ever!!!

  3. Seeing the models in capris n sandels and the viewers in heavy coats...made me feel the cold! Great shots!

  4. Looks like so much fun! That fog shot is spectacular!


  5. I have really enjoyed fashions in the fog today!! Your town aquare just continues to be so AWESOME!!!! there is always something cool going on there! Nothing can beat that fog picture though, I love it! Especially the man in the distance walking behind the bridge. The lone walker in the fog, we'll call him the shadow. There is a famous comic book and shows called The Shadow. i love the man in the pink sweater. But what fascinates me is the first fashion picture. Not the model, but the people in the crowd. Some of them look so happy, and some of them look very mad!!! Now that is either a reaction to the outfit being modeled or they don't like the damp fog.

  6. What great fog!! Love it. What brave model. the things we do for fashion!

  7. Ginny: There is a third option: They might have found the music too loud! I wished I'd thought of bringing earplugs!!!

  8. Good of your to brave the fog, for fashion's sake. Love the last two photos of the youngest models. They are so cute.

  9. In agreement with yunims, the models are focused. Nice captures with or without fog.

  10. I noticed in the first shot of the models the light weight clothing she was wearing and the heavy coats of the audience. Brr is right of that one barefooted.

    I love fog and heavy mist. It gets my imagination stirring as to what is in the ghostly distance.

  11. I really loved the first photo.

    I think that it was a very worthwhile outing from your viewers' point of view.


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