Friday, 1 April 2011

1st April Weekend Reflection: Grumbling Giant

Not a good Skywatch Friday today. Not even a really good day for Weekend Reflections. At least not if you want them all peaceful and sunny… However, since I’m in a sort of distorted kind of mood myself, this might do:


Even better upside-down, perhaps.
Doesn’t it look rather like a frowning, grumbling giant?

Another sight that fitted my mood:


Can’t you just feel the mood of the person who thrust the umbrella in there?
(No… It wasn’t me… honest…)

Sorry. I should be happy that the snow is gone again and the streets bare. And yet a grey pre-spring day like this can be thoroughly depressing. It is not to be trusted. It lays a shawl of heavy greyness on my shoulders, winds sharp steel wires around my collarbone, shoots pain up my neck, and numbness down my arm. It reminds of protections gone with the wind, chances lost and hopes dissolved. It unmercifully reveals every scar and wrinkle, and sends back grotesque and distorted images...

Jo Rowling describes it rather well with the Dementors in the Harry Potter series:

“… they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope and happiness out of the air around them…” ~ The Prisoner of Azkaban, Ch 10 ~

Help. I need some colour, quick!


Florist’s shop to the rescue.
And a mixed salad to save me from my own uninspired cooking.


I found they had put up a salad bar in the grocery store so you can put your own takeaway salad together just as you want it. (There’s a lot more stuff in there than what shows in the photo. Tomatoes, cucumber, kidney beans, pasta, cheese, three kinds of melon and whatnot.)


  1. Your week/weekend sounds as gray and grumpy as mine and I do so relate! Your reflections are marvelous as always! I'm ready for some color -- colorful flowers, food -- whatever!! Just want to move past the gray! I do hope you get some color for the weekend!


  2. Well the umbrella is better there than opened inside like in Jack's blog... No bad luck, like that ! For the reflection picture, I like the turned upside down one... The blury effect due to the water in motion gives a quite mysterious atmosphere to the building...

  3. I hope you get some sun FAST!!!! You are RIGHT, the second building picture has a face, and it's not a happy one!!! Our grocery store has a huge salad bar and we use it, too!! Love seeing your salad, I'm way too fond of food! What is that in it, it looks like chicken tenders??

  4. I love the somber mood in these reflections (I know, not nice to live in)! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  5. Let's hope your sun comes soon. I get in that mood too when we have all that greay weather

  6. i see the grumbling giant, and i like the photo up or down. that looks like a real deal on the salad with all the different things to put in it. you did find a lot of color. better than a rainbow

  7. I, too, am ready for warmth and color in my life. This has been one rainy, cold week. Your shots are great, and I love how you name those first ones. Very clever, indeed. That is some fine photography of the Grumbling Giant and the discarded umbrella....and the colors in our flowers are gorgeous. Yes, I am ready for a warm and colorful spring.

  8. I think that the post and the language that you have used is very expressive. I can feel your mood in your words. I recognise the building and the juxtaposition with the Primulas and then the salad (Says I making a note to visit our salad bars more frequently).


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