Saturday, 9 July 2011



Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

Lots of things fluttering through my mind this week – not just butterflies! Probably won’t be able to concentrate much on blogging next week either. The funeral is on Wednesday. A bit of unexpected stress came up yesterday about other things that need attention as well. My brother arrived at the House today (he’ll be here for about a week). Tomorrow we’ll be going to dad’s service center flat where he lived the last year.


Mock orange shrub/tree (Swedish: schersmin) (left)
+ another shrub I don’t know the name of

Reminder to Self: be thankful that it’s just a small flat/room with few ‘things’ (and no papers) that needs to be emptied a.s.a.p. All the more clutter left to sort out in/at the House… but there we are more free take our time about it.


Decorative weeds


Old red currant bush still bearing a few berries on half-dead branches


All pictures above are from the garden at the House. I should point out that what you see here is only a third or so of the house, and the tidiest corner of the large and overgrown garden. It does make a difference though that we managed to hire someone to mow the front lawn during the last two summers.


  1. thanks for taking the time to post, i know this is so hard for you. a beautiful home there, love the white weed flowers. thinking of you at this time in your life. glad your brother is there to help. hugs from across the ocean

  2. I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos.

  3. Oh, my, it seems like your stress and grief are neverending. I am so sorry. your pictures are lovely and it is amazing that you continue to do such good posts at a time like this!! Is it usual to have the funeral so long afterwards?

  4. Hard times, losing a parent is so hard, going through their possessions is in ways even harder. I felt terrible doing it, keeping few things because it made me feel like a vulture, I wish I could have waited for time to pass before I did it and maybe I would have kept more things.

  5. I have finally taken the time to explore your blog. I love the photographs and exploring your garden. Lovely.
    I am very sorry you are burying your father. Take care and feel thankful for all those beautiful things around you. Jasmine :-)

  6. I am very sorry for your loss. Now it must be the hardest time for you. Take care of yourself and stay strong. It is good to have your brother with you at a time like this.

    The garden and the house are lovely and your photos are soothing.

    Thanks a lot for positng these.


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