Saturday, 2 July 2011

Butterfly Update


The butterfly (see previous post) died in the afternoon.
When I came to bring him his ‘afternoon tea’ he no longer showed any reaction even with the antennae.

Since we got kind of close during the last 20 hours of his life, I took him outside and buried him under a tree. May he rest in peace. (Or she. With the Small Tortoiseshell it’s hard to tell the difference.)

I guess for a butterfly it got quite a lot of attention at the end of its life. Breakfast in bed; and got to be a film star and all!

For me, it’s been a strange kind of day. Not that I had a lot of plans, but keeping watch over a dying butterfly was certainly not on the schedule.

And when I got back home after burying the butterfly, what did I find waiting on the balcony? A shield bug.


He seemed rather unwilling to leave as well – but I think I managed to persuade him at last. Please go bug someone else, I’ve had enough for one day!

Just now it feels like the next guest might be Thunder… Hmm.


  1. I was so startled to see your post just now, and quickly realized I had somehow missed the last one, I don't think it ever showed up on my sidebar. So now I am all caught up. Your video turned out wonderfully! Poor little butterfly! A butterfly's lifespan is anywhere from three days to six months, depending on what kind it is. I think this one was very fortunate to have you as it's nursemaid in it's last hours of life.

  2. From Swedish Wikipedia I know that there are at least two generations of these each year in Sweden. The ones born in the autumn hibernate to come back in the spring. So I guess this might even have been a survivor from last autumn.

  3. i did think he was dying, could not think of any other reason for him to stay there. i like the flower tribute and he/she was blessed to die in your care.

  4. How fascinating to witness the end of a gentle creature's life with such attentiveness and kindness.


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