Friday, 22 July 2011

Déjà Vu

Many years ago (mid 90s) I had a dream (of the nightly kind) on the theme of heritage. It was a dream with a symbolic message which I had no great difficulties interpreting at the time - having to do with a situation which was on my mind just then; not at all related to my own family. (More to do with how ideas are passed on; and how people sometimes fight over ‘nothing’.) However, besides the symbolism, the dream also left me with a visual impression, which resulted in the water colour above.
It’s not a painting I’ve ever had up on the wall, it’s tucked away in a binder I rarely look in. So what brought it to mind just now?
The answer is: A déjà vu feeling when I was looking through the photos I uploaded from my camera to the computer last night!
‘Sleeping Beauty’ view of the House, from the completely overgrown back garden… I.e. the house which is now literally our heritage (mine and my brother’s).
Fortunately, though, we’re not fighting with each other about it.
But there are other kinds of battles to fight…
My brother made an admirable start during his (so-called) summer holiday, clearing out the cellar. (Yes, he actually single-handedly filled that container!) But there’s more…
The thing is, dad (as his dad before him) was a hoarder. Hoarding instincts and dementia (creeping up on him in his later years) is not a good combination.
The major problem is that in among the things that can just be thrown away, there are also things that may be considered historically valuable by other people (hoarders) with the same interests that dad had: railway history and local history.
I got started on a small corner of one table in his study yesterday, and that confirmed my suspicions. There’s no system in the ‘top layer’. Unimportant and (possibly) important all mixed up…
To look on the bright side, at least I took over all his banking transactions 2½ years ago, and in the last year all his official mail has been coming to me. So we don’t have to look for unpaid bills or things like that.
What tends to catch my interest (and slow me down!) is when I come across things to do with our own family history… I might return to that in future posts.


  1. it is amazing how much your painting looks like the house in the photo. you have a talent, so do you still paint? the house is lovely. will you sell it eventually or live there? it looks really beautiful to me. but since i am a neat nut the stuff in the photos gives me the shivers thinking about going through it. you sure do have a job ahead of you if the rest of the house is like the office. god bless you and your brother

  2. So this WAS the house in your dream, right? I love the painting, it looks like a Monet or a Van Gogh!!! I bet you could sell your paintings for quite a bit. We even have a T.V. series on here, all about trying to rehab hoarders! What a huge job! I had the same thing with my mother. What will become of the house? It is so beautiful!!! I love that roof. I have been watching about the terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway, and I thought of you first thing. Isn't that close to Sweden? I'm not good with geography at all...

  3. Sandra: After an accident a decade ago it got difficult for me to hold pencils and brushes for long, so I've not done much of that kind since then. Got into digital photography instead.

    We'll sell but have to take our time sorting things through first. Neither of us wants a house; and that house and garden is definitely a job for healthy people who can spend lots of time and energy on it.

  4. Ginny: At the time I did not connect the house in my dream with 'our' house at all. N.b. back then the garden wasn't overgrown either! But I guess it's possible that my subconscious made some reflection on it, even if the resemblance did not pop up in my conscious mind until 14 years later!!!

    And yes, Norway is "next door" to Sweden. (There are maps on the internet, you know... LOL)

  5. I don't envy you. When our father died, my brother took on the job of cleaning out the house as I live 3200+ miles from it. We inherited it jointly but he did that work as well as upgrading everything.

    I do like the water color very much. It's quite good. You should hang it.

  6. I have been so busy of late that I haven't been able to read your blog regularly. I will have to catch up. I can relate to the hoarding. I am now sorting through my stuff so I can have an easier move hopefully the end of next year to my retirement home up the coast.
    Keep up the good and interesting work on your blog.I love it.

  7. A real subject for the Glad Game (no unexpected bills!) but I really don't envy you and Per the task!


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